Over the last few years we have received many phone calls, emails, and questions about our events and thought that now was as good of a time as any to publish a FAQ section to our website to help patrons.  If the answer you are looking for is not provided below, or, you need further information or explanation, you can always reach out us through our CONTACT PAGE.

Q. Where do I park for the event and is there a parking fee that I must pay?

Depending on the date and time you plan on visiting the event, parking may be available on the grounds of Lake Isle, however, most of the time parking on the other side of fence in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center is the way to go. There is NEVER a charge for parking.  If you are a handicapped patron or are escorting a patron who has a BLUE or RED Handicap Parking Placard, you may inquire with officers at the Lake Isle entrance if any handicap spaces remain in the Lake Isle lot upon your arrival.

Q. Is there an admission fee to enter the carnival grounds?

No! The Eastchester Columbus Day Carnival does not have an admission fee!

Q. What are the dates/ times of the event?

We all know that dates can change from year to year, but, The Eastchester Columbus Day Carnival is a four (4) day event that starts on the Friday evening of that week (6 PM - 11 PM) and continues through Saturday and Sunday (1 PM - 11 PM), and ends on Monday (1 PM - 6PM).  You can always visit our CALENDAR for up to date event times and attractions.

Q. How do I pay for ride tickets?

All ride tickets are purchased at the ticket trailer located just outside the vendor area. The carnival accepts CASH and CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS when buying tickets. If need be, you can utilize Stewart Amusement's proprietary ATM next to the trailer to withdraw cash.  All ticket sales are final, NO REFUNDS. If you have leftover tickets at the end of day they cannot be returned back to the ticket trailer for a 'buy back.'  These tickets will be honored, however, for the entire weekend or any event that Stewart Amusement is providing the midway… so come back!

Q. Are there restrooms? Where are they?

Patrons must utilize the public restrooms located near the Lake Isle pool gate.  Use of the catering hall, Community Center or restaurant bathrooms is not permitted.

Q. Can my entire family eat and drink in the beer & wine tent?

Only patrons who are 21 years old or older may enter the beer & wine tent.  Patrons will be asked show I.D. before entering the tent to verify his/ her age.  ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol may leave the tent or reserved area; failure to adhere to this policy may lead to your removal from the event.

Q. When can I buy and use ride bracelets?

Ride bracelets allow for unlimited rides between 1 PM and 6 PM on both Saturday and Sunday of the event. Bracelets can only be used on the day they are purchased.  It is Stewart Amusement's policy that Eastchester Columbus Day Committee members place bracelets on patrons directly.  If a patron tears, rips, or loses a bracelet they cannot receive a replacement unless he/ she purchased a new one.

Q. Is there a Lost & Found?

If you lose anything while visiting the carnival visit the ticket trailer and speak to a committee member.  The committee generally stores lost items there for the entire weekend. After the event is over, any lost and found items are brought back to Eastchester Town Hall. 

Q. How do I apply to be a food vendor or buy booth space for my business?

When updated and available, vendor forms will be available for download off our site's HOMEPAGE.  We ask that you contact us beforehand if you are a new vendor to ensure that what you are looking to sell is permitted at the event and that it does not conflict with another vendor or Stewart Amusement.