2018 Grand Marshall

2018 David R. DiRubba Community Service Award

2018 Monsignor Anthony Maltese Humanitarian

Nonna Columbus


My great  grandma, Catherine Arcidiacono or Jojo as we call her, was born in Bronx, New York.  She moved to Eastchester in 1975, which means she’s been a resident for over 40 years.  She has three kids named Patricia, Theresa, and Joseph. She has nine grandkids and six great grandkids, with a seventh on the way.

Jojo is loving, funny and very generous. Every Christmas she has everyone in the family come over and holds a big Christmas Eve party.  She cooks a traditional Christmas Eve dinner, complete with seven fish and everyone’s favorite potato croquettes.  Her family absolutely loves her cooking and her friends joke that she is the best cook in the group.

In her spare time Jojo enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing games on Facebook and watching Blue Bloods.  One of her most favorite things might be doing the dishes before everyone has finished eating.   Every Wednesday she plays cards with her sister and her friends.  She goes to church every weekend. 

In our family, Jojo is the role model.  She stresses the importance of family and make sure that we always get together.  We all know how lucky we are to have Jojo as our nonna.  Each person in her family has a special bond with Jojo and an infinite amount of memories.